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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Are you seeking a dynamic speaker to illuminate the profound interplay between Emotional Intelligence (EI), Stress, and Burnout? Look no further! As a business consultant specializing in work stress-related issues, I offer engaging and informative one-hour presentations that delve into the intricate relationship between EI, stress, and burnout.

Whether you prefer an in-person experience or the convenience of a virtual setting via Zoom, I deliver captivating sessions that provide valuable insights, practical strategies, and actionable tips for managing stress, cultivating emotional intelligence, and preventing burnout. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation and discuss pricing options tailored to your specific requirements. Together, let's unlock the power of Emotional Intelligence in conquering stress and fostering well-being in the workplace.


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Let me help you navigate through burnout and work stess. Please use the form below to contact me with any questions about my products and services, and I'll be in touch wtih you as soon as possible.